Touristic Products of Sierra de las Nieves

Know the Grandfather of the Forest
City: Istán
When: All year long
Lenght: 2 Days
Price per person: Please,check for the number of persons
Min number of people: 4 persons
Max number of people: 14 persons
First Day:
In the morning from the Center for Information and Visitor Services we go into 4x4 Natural Park by the old road to Ronda to embrace the grandfather of the forest, the impressive Brown Ghost. The Brown Ghost is a magnificent specimen of more than 800 years, 30 meter high and over 20 meters in circumference. Appears in the guide trees and groves of Andalusia unique and is proposed to be declared a natural monument.
With the company of local guides know the flora and fauna of the park and we can discover the hidden treasures of the forest. Among the junipers, pines, oaks centenarians, huge oaks and holm great is our most precious treasure, the Holy Brown. (5 hours).
In the afternoon we offer a relaxing stroll through the streets of old town and visit its historic sites and its magnificent viewpoints. You can also visit the Water Interpretation Centre, which analyzes the water as a fundamental element in life and its influence on Istan throughout history.
Second Day:
We will make a craft workshop where they will prepare a beautiful “potter” (poses-pots), utensil home we take to protect your table from hot pans. Wicker is a vegetable fiber that is woven to create furniture, baskets and other useful objects, it is lightweight but strong. When wet it is flexible enough so that there are no problems when weaving. If time permits this activity can be done outdoors, in one of the beautiful viewpoints of the Errizas with wonderful views of the Green River Reservoir and the Mediterranean coast.
Company: Monteaventura
Contact: Antonio Calvo Aguilar
Phone and email: 656 960 4 78 -