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Fair of San Roque with its Cohetá (from 14th to 18th August)

For four days Tolox puts on its finery to celebrate the Fair dedicated to its patron saint. Performances are organised of music, comedians, flamenco singing and competitions on the occasion of the Fair and which are enjoyed by residents and visitors alike with great enthusiasm, both in the day events and those at night.

Without doubt, the most awaited moment is the grand Cohetá (the big fireworks display) on the 16th August that is held after the main mass. When the saint comes out of the church it is greeted by thousands of fireworks that go off with a great din, and accompanied in solemn procession throughout its circuit round the streets of the village.

Day of the Mozas (8th December)

A traditional fiesta which the residents of Tolox like to say has its origins in an argument between two women, one Christian and the other a Moor, about who was to be the first to put her pastries in the oven, provoking a terrible dispute between the Christian and Moorish populations in the village. The Christians asked the neighbouring village for help and they came into the village making noise with horns and cowbells, to such an extent that it sounded like a whole battalion. The Moors fled, believing themselves to be outnumbered and surrounded. In memory of that day, on the 8th of December, the day of the Immaculate Conception, the villagers take the village, ringing cowbells. There is also an opportunity to sample the pastries and other traditional products of Tolox.

Carnival and Day of the Powder (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, in February)

At 11 p.m. on the Monday, the battle of the powder begins. Young girls and boys ‘attack’ any passing villager or visitor who they come across with talcum powder, years ago flour was used, until the whole village ends up covered with white. On these days they also celebrate the dance of the ‘guasa’ (jokes) in which boys and girls dance in circles singing satirical verses about everyday events.

Easter Week (March or April)

Easter Week is one of the main showcases for the religious traditions of the village. Several images are taken in procession through the streets of Tolox on Easter Thursday and Good Friday, accompanied by the town band of drums and bugles, women wearing mantillas and the deep respect and devotion required during these celebrations. The villagers’ worship of the Virgin of the “Soledad” is evident on Good Friday, when she is admired and contemplated in strict silence on her slow progress through the streets of the village.

Folklore Festivals of the Village of Tolox (June and July)

The rich folklore of this area is displayed during these two festivals in which local groups act as hosts to others from different regions and countries. In June the children’s festival is held, on a national basis, culminating in July with the international festival. Amongst the local dances, the Fandango of Tolox and the Jota of the mountains of Tolox are worthy of mention, having been salvaged from extinction and oblivion. These were danced by the “Toloxeños” who lived in the mountains many years ago.



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