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  The trade of the goatherd, a way of life VISTA IMPRIMIBLE
City: Alozaina Price per person: Please,check for the number of persons
When: March, April and May Min number of people: 4 persons
Lenght: 2 Days Max number of people: 15 persons
Company: Arde de mis Manos Phone and email: 952 48 02 28 – 647 15 40 24 -
Contact: Mariló Cejudo Web:

Thanks to its special physiographical conditions (relief, vegetation, climate, etc.) the Sierra de las Nieves has always been an area favourable to livestock breeding, which concentrated almost exclusively on sheep and goats. For this reason, goatherds and shepherds are nowadays, and in former times even more so, livelihoods that were a way of life for many of the inhabitants of our district, even though the work was hard, from sun-up to sun-down, every day of the year.

Our village becomes one of those special places where there still exists the trade of a goatherd.
It is worth a weekend getaway and a visit of the village of Alozaina to get to know its traditions related to world of goatherds.
With your visit, we want to pay tribute to rural life the goatherd, of great importance in time and prevent it from falling into oblivion in the future.
Planning of touristic product:

The first day in the morning:
With the cattle to the corral to carry out other specific tasks of a goatherd: milking and cleaning the manure from corral.
And if you have the opportunity, you will see live birth of a goat.
The first day in the afternoon:
You will accompany to the goatherd with his cattle to tramp round our natural environment in search of good pasture. During grazing, you will learn words and expressions of identity such as “ahijar”, goatherd, kid, sign, bag ... to throw deep, to know the medicinal plants that you find at your way, to recognize the varieties of goats on the basis of shape of their horns and between all this knowledge and more, the goatherd will delight you with a funny story.
You will make a short break. Together with the goatherds you will taste the delicious local products.
The second day in the morning:
The next day, a skilled woman will teach you make cheese using traditional methods.
After a hardworking day, you will enjoy a well deserved creamy goat cheese.


Association for the Rural Development of Sierra de las Nieves

Edificio Sierra de las Nieves, Paraje de Río Grande-Las Millanas, s/n - 29109- Tolox (Málaga) - Phone: 952 48 28 21 - Fax: 952 48 29 44