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  Donkeys and their Friends VISTA IMPRIMIBLE
City: Monda Price per person: Please,check for the number of persons
When: All year long Min number of people: 4 persons
Lenght: 2 Days Max number of people: 10 persons
Company: Rutas Turísticas en burro. Phone and email: 682 54 25 93 -
Contact: Francisca Jiménez de la Rubia. Web:

Since ancient times, donkeys have been used by humans in many different ways. They have pulled wagons, hauled goods, worked in agriculture and carried people. We all know how Mary arrived in Bethlehem! They have great strength and long life. They are sure footed in difficult terrain and can carry incredible loads over long distances. Many people are also surprised to learn that they are intelligent, friendly, playful and fast to learn.
With the introduction of modern machinery, the use of donkeys in local agriculture has diminished but they have found a new role in Recreational and Animal Assisted Therapy.

Located on the outskirts of the unspoilt Sierra de las Nieves (Snowy Mountains) is a small stable yard where the donkeys live happily with other animals. They are cared for by their keeper who has great love for his animals the traditions of Andalucía.
With this facility we are able to offer you a unique opportunity where you can meet these wonderful animals, experience the rural life style of Southern Spain first hand and see the unspoilt countryside in a way you will always remember. Who needs the noise and clatter of four wheel drives when you can go by donkey?

Day 1
In the morning:
A 3 hour nature tail on your own donkey
09:00 h we will meet you at the Tourist Information Office in Monda and then head to the stable yard.
Light breakfast: coffee or tea with local bread, olive oil and tomato or a bacon roll.
When you are ready Miguel, the donkey keeper, will show you around the yard and given a demonstration of how he cares for his animals and what is necessary to get them ready for the trails.
When you and the donkeys are set we head off into the mountains. The trail leads into unspoilt forest of Aleppo Pine and Umbrella Pine. Many visitors are surprised at how abundant the vegetation is and we will show you Wild Juniper, Rock Rose, Wild Olive, Thyme, Rosemary, Esparto and Marjoram. The fragrances are amazing and you simply cannot experience them sitting in a Land Rover!
Another advantage of travel by donkey is that they make little noise and are part of the natural environment so they so they do not disturb the wildlife and you get a chance to see it. The bird life is diverse with species such as the Pied Flycatcher, Crested Tit, Sparrow Hawk, Chiff Chaff, Short Toed Tree Creeper and Common Buzzard amongst others. It is hard not to be in awe of a large bird of prey soaring over your head.
Along the route we will stop at a natural spring and make other stops for soft drinks or a beer. For those more adventurous you can try the traditional Spanish Wine Skin. As the day really starts to heat up we return to the stables where lunch will be awaiting you and you relax and talk about your amazing morning.
Lunch - Starters, a fantastic Spanish mixed salad and country style Paella cooked the traditional way over fire wood. Soft drinks, beer and wine are served with your meal.
After Lunch:
There is a demonstration of the noble and ancient art of Falconry. At very close quarters you can see the birds in flight and learn the skills required to hunt with these magnificent animals. We wrap up the afternoon with a tour of the facility and a chance to meet the other animals.
There are unbelievable photo opportunities throughout the entire day so bring your camera and take home some unforgettable memories.
Optional dinner (At an additional fee)
Should you wish we will be happy provide a delicious barbeque dinner with a selection of meats and salads. Even the charcoal is produced by local artisans.

Day 2:
A route by donkey to Monda (2 hours):
09:00 h We will meet you at the Tourist Information Office in Monda and head to the stable yard.
Light breakfast: Coffee or tea with local bread, olive oil and tomato or a bacon roll.
When everyone is saddled up we will head off towards Monda stopping at the local olive mill. Olive production has been an important part of commerce in Andalucia for centuries. It is the source of great pride and more than a little competition between growers who are as much connoisseur of their oil as any wine grower is of his wine. Oil production will be explained and a tasting held.
We now head on to the historic village of Monda with its labyrinthine streets of white walls and cascading flowers. The village is served by a natural spring and there is the wonderful sound of cool running water even in the hottest of summers. We wind through the streets until we reach the Museum Maria Gloria.


Association for the Rural Development of Sierra de las Nieves

Edificio Sierra de las Nieves, Paraje de Río Grande-Las Millanas, s/n - 29109- Tolox (Málaga) - Phone: 952 48 28 21 - Fax: 952 48 29 44