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  Vertical Defiance in Tolox. VISTA IMPRIMIBLE
City: Tolox Price per person: Please,check for the number of persons
When: All year long Min number of people: 4 persons
Lenght: 2 Days Max number of people: 15 persons
Company: Aventúrate Sierra de las Nieves Phone and email: 634 85 46 41 -
Contact: Elena González Gil Web:

Tolox is located in the Natural Park and the Biosphere Reserve Sierra de las Nieves. Torrecilla, the highest peak of Western Malaga with its 1.919 m, stands out in the natural surroundings of the village of Tolox. In this peak, visitors can see panoramic views as the Valley of the Guadalhorce, Sierra Nevada or the African Atlas. In addition, botanical species enhance such as the Spanish Fir, endemics to the Sierra de las Nieves; or the Gall Oaks, trees of ghostly appearance.
We propose to our visitors an adrenaline rush with the ascent on foot to the Torrecilla Peak from Tolox.
During this vertical climbing, they will know botanical unique and endemic species of the Natural Park Sierra de las Nieves. These plants survive in a hostile and adverse climate as Esparto grass, the Spanish Fir or the Gall Oak.
Activities for a weekend or two days:
- On the first day we climb to the Torrecilla Peak:
The first day activity consists of a route of ascent on foot to the Torrecilla Peak. This path to the summit of the Sierra de las Nieves is of high difficulty, because of the strong and steep slope of the route.
This ascent is pleasant and satisfying because it is not only a personal challenge, but involves understanding the nature of summits.
During the trail, visitors will appreciate contrasts of the landscape, how farmland fields and pine forests are replaced with a desolate landscape, characterized by the white of the limestone rocks and only inhabited by the species most resistant to extreme weather conditions.
Visitors will meet unique and endemic plants of these heights as the Spanish Fir, Yews Trees, Gall Oaks and shrubs such as Phoenicean Juniper or Esparto grass. Also, they can see some mammals such as the Ibex Goat and reptiles such as the “Ocelado Lizard” and the “Hocicuda Viper”.
This path may be made at the request of the visitor on the full moon nights.
Lunch or dinner (if the path is made in full moon nights) will be a picnic with local products.
Part of the route can be made in 4X4. Consult price.
- Technical characteristics of the route:
1) Positive Altitude Change: 2300 meters.
2) Distance: About 15 km (Coming).
3) Difficulty: High.
4) Duration: 8 hours.
5) Circular Path.
- Recommendations for the implementation of the route:
1) Bring clothes and footwear of mountain.
2) Bring plenty of water and energy food.
3) Bring Raincoat.

- On the second day we will carry out a workshop for Esparto grass or Palm.
On the second day we will carry out a more affable activity. Esparto grass and palm workshop consists of the knowledge and learning of the work of making objects with Esparto grass and palm which are wild plant that grows in the Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve Sierra de las Nieves. These plants would be collected along the trail the day before.


Association for the Rural Development of Sierra de las Nieves

Edificio Sierra de las Nieves, Paraje de Río Grande-Las Millanas, s/n - 29109- Tolox (Málaga) - Phone: 952 48 28 21 - Fax: 952 48 29 44