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  Canyoning in Sierra de las Nieves VISTA IMPRIMIBLE
City: Yunquera, Tolox and Jorox Price per person: Please,check for the number of persons
When: From May to September Min number of people: 4 persons
Lenght: Several Hours Max number of people: 15 persons
Company: Aventúrate Sierra de las Nieves and Barranquismo Aventura Phone and email: 634 85 46 41 / 620 08 88 70 -
Contact: Elena González/ José Ignacio Web: /

The water, is a symbol of life and one of the reasons of the our settlement of our region. In the past, they chose the actual location for two reason. The first was because they needed the water near to subsist and the second reason, the roads of communication. They were and are very important for send all the products that our lands produce. The economy in the past was based in the commerce of these products.
The Sierra de las Nieves is knonw in all the World because she has a lot of caves and chasms. In these mountains, we willl find the deepest chasm of Europe, CHASM GESM with -1190mtrs of depth or the siphon of Zarzalones, it is considered actually as the firs siphon of Andalucía.
- Day 1: To learn more about the importance of water in that relief, we will find in the Torre Vigía and from here, we will start our route to Zarzalones (about 5km, 1 hour), source of Rio Grande, one of the river more plentiful of the province and it supply to different towns in the Guadalhorce valley. We will visit the cave where the water is born and from that beautiful place, we will leave in an adventure of canyoning in its water and we will discover a lot of wonderful places in the area.
When we finish the activity, we will spend a time while we taste different products of the town.
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- Día 2: We can choose between two options:
• Option A) From the Information Center, we will go to realize a ethnographic route where we will know about the town evolution and the distribution. We will see the different crops in the town. Also, we will know what is a “bancal”.
In our visit in the town, we will visit the Manantial de Plano, who supplies of water the town, Arabic irrigation ditch, fountains and other curious places.
• Option B) We will participate in a workshop to learn how to make a delicious marmalade with some of the fresh products that we have harvested the day before.


Association for the Rural Development of Sierra de las Nieves

Edificio Sierra de las Nieves, Paraje de Río Grande-Las Millanas, s/n - 29109- Tolox (Málaga) - Phone: 952 48 28 21 - Fax: 952 48 29 44